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Welcome to and the Law Offices of Lee M. Perlman, a premier New Jersey Bankruptcy law firm. We appreciate you visiting our site and we look forward to working with you to help bring your case to resolution. With 20 years of experience, we are a trusted and highly-regarded New Jersey bankruptcy law firm. New Jersey Bankruptcy is our specialty whether its Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11, but we can also help you with credit reporting problems, traffic offenses, medical malpractice issues as well as several other practice areas. Please email or call us at 856-751-4224 and speak with one of our attorneys today.

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We can help you with all of your bankruptcy issues

At any time in a person’s life difficult times may occur. These difficult times often involve significant financial debt due to circumstances beyond our control such as changes at work, loss of health insurance, foreclosure and separation or divorce. Many of us try to get ourselves out of this financial debt without the use of bankruptcy. This often only worsens the situation by digging us deeper into debt. Many of us are looking for some breathing room from high interest credit cards and personal loans. This is the time to contact the bankruptcy lawyers in NJ at the Law Offices of Lee M. Perlman. We are here to help you get out of debt and most importantly, help rebuild your credit.

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Our firm has been in business for 20 years and has helped over 10,000 clients. Whether its bankruptcy, credit problems or another of our specialized areas, we can help you just as we have helped other clients with similar hardships. We are the law firm that other attorneys trust to refer their clients. Learn the background of the credit card industry.

Every client receives personal attention

No matter how big or small your problem, we — the attorneys and staff of the Law Offices of Lee M. Perlman — give all our clients the most individualized service and attention. To best serve our clients, we make sure we stay on top of the most current bankruptcy laws by attending seminars, as well as intensive “boot camps“.

We offer affordable fees & payment plans

The Law Offices of Lee M. Perlman understand each client’s financial situation is different. That’s why we offer affordable fees and payment plans to fit every budget.

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Come in today for your free consultation and talk to one of our bankruptcy attorneys. We have day, evening and weekend appointments to meet every schedule. With three offices in New Jersey, we can provide the best service to our clients. Visit us in Cherry Hill, Mt. Holly or Toms River, NJ.

Call on the experienced bankruptcy lawyers in NJ, at the Law Offices of Lee M. Perlman for any and all of the following bankruptcy issues:

Our Mission:

Our firm is a civil law firm focusing on consumer bankruptcy and consumer rights in New Jersey.  Our clients come to us when they are struggling with debt, stressed by harassing collections calls, or worried about foreclosure.  

We aim to get our clients immediate relief from their financial distress through several bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options.  We are equipped to help individuals and small businesses handle issues with foreclosure, credit cards, and collection agencies.   We regularly pursue claims against overly-aggressive creditors and collectors who break the law, including claims under the Bankruptcy Code, FDCPA, FCRA, and TILA.  We help clients reduce their mortgage obligations through foreclosure alternatives whenever possible. 

When needed, we coordinate with personal injury, Social Security, employment, and criminal defense attorneys to get our clients the best result.

He helped us to rebuild our lives due to catastrophic medical expenses and more…

Lee Perlman and his associate Chris Cassie are both gentlemen and scholars…scholars in bankruptcy law and in how to properly treat a client.  They were both experts in all of the issues surrounding our very complex bankruptcy. They were kind, considerate, understanding, non-judgmental and took their time in answering all of our questions thoroughly.  They have an uncanny ability to put their clients at ease during one of the most stressful periods of our lives and thanks to their efforts; they have helped us to move forward and to rebuild our credit. From the very beginning of the process to the discharge of our bankruptcy, Mr. Perlman was only a phone call away.  He was attentive and extremely responsive.  He and his firm set the standard for how all bankruptcy law firms should and must conduct business.  With Lee and staff, it’s all about the clients!   If I ever need legal advice or have to suggest a bankruptcy attorney to anyone, I would not hesitate to refer my closest friends/family to Lee Perlman.  In my opinion, he is the best there is.

– Mark, a Chapter 7, retired US Military client