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He saved my house, helped me re-start

Deciding to declare bankruptcy was a difficult decision. I felt like I was a failure, almost criminal, in deciding to go this route. Lee and his staff changed those bad feelings instantly! He helped me every step of the way, made me understand that I was doing the right thing, and handled all the details.

In addition, his employee John P. helped me with a loan mod that was "a miracle" and helped save our home!
Filing for bankruptcy is nerve-wracking, expensive, and complicated. Lee and his team made it smooth and painless and were absolutely worth every penny.

My thanks to Lee, John, and his staff. - Michael

Thanking my lucky stars I saw Mr. Perlman's ad!

Never thought I would need a bankruptcy attorney, but after many a sleepless nights, I decided to make the most important phone call of my life. I called Lee M. Perlman!

This experience has changed my life for the better.
I know that sounds crazy, but without filing, I never would of been able to pay the mountain of debt incurred by my divorce. I can now breath easy. I also know I have a long road ahead to get my credit back up to where it needs to be, but filing bankruptcy was worth it.

This was a very difficult time in my life and I had no clue what bankruptcy was all about. The office staff, as well as Mr. Perlman, were informative and always willing to answer the billion questions I had, no matter how small or silly they seemed. They put me at ease.

Should you ever find yourself in the position I've been in - do not hesitate - make the call! You won't be sorry, I know I'm not.

Mr. Perlman - Thank you for everything. I am eternally grateful for your kindness and support throughout this experience.

Warmest Wishes to you and your staff. - BethAnn

Mortgage Loan Modification/chapter 13 Bankrutcy

20 years ago i meet Lee in Voorhees courtroom introduce Himself That he is a lawyer and would like to Handle my case. it was a traffic violation I hired Him and he explain to me everything and help me up to win the case.for almost 20 years Economy Down Lost My Job on 2005.we a Hard time paying our Mortgage. Years after years , we got a Foreclosure notice I could not think of anything to save our Home Except to call Lee office we did call the office and set an appointment to discuss my Case .we meet and discuss my situation at that time we just know that he was a Bankruptcy lawyer which is what we need for our situation.it is Hard to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy But that was the Best Advice that he give to us as he explained everything the process of Bankruptcy what to do and what to be done. For almost 2 to3 years of waiting we got Discharge this march. as the Process done we are free of debt and Foreclosure not only that r our mortgage payment was reduce.Lee Perlman is easy to communicate which explained the entire legal process to us in a way that we could understand.Always give great advice professional and goes Above and Beyond for his client as the process is done.also the entire staff was very helpful knowledgeable know what to do communicate with the client in a right way. This is the second case that Lee discharge my case. Thank you for a big help . I would Highly recommend Lee Perlman firm as everyone in his team is very professional. - Alan and Juana

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